Lets Ride The Waves With Whales

Bigwave is an onchain analysis data provider and sector-based, DAO-governed permissionless whale index fund protocol for investors.

Identify opportunities before everyone else.
Allow retail investors to invest in whatever whales are investing in.
Institutional investors create indexed tokens that represent their portfolios.

Join The Big Fish

BigWave is an adaptive platform featuring an on-chain protocol that helps investors identify and track some of the most well-known institutional investors in crypto. With the BigWave Protocol, retail investors can now build their positions as early as institutional investors.

Market Insight

Innovative utilization of on-chain data to bring the power to the people, and allow institutional investors to build early project market value.

Inbuilt Safeguards

Retail investor indices will adjust weights and assets when selling pressure is present.

Open Source

Permissionless, inclusive and transparent protocol built on smart contracts.

100% De-Centralised

The BigWave Protocol is governed via the BigWave DAO, with a ‘whale index’ that’s driven by retail investors. Governance token $RIDEON will determine voting share.

You Rule the Waves!

We’re here to bridge the gap between retail investors and crypto hedge funds, allowing you to invest like the whales do. BigWave’s analysis will provide retail investors with on-chain and off-chain data that will allow consumers to mirror some of the most premiere fund managers in crypto. All of this comes through the BigWave Protocol, a simple and easy-to-use platform built for the everyday investor.

Now, you rule the waves.

Here’s How It Works

Three Simple Steps to maximising your gains with our DeFi Suite.


BigWave provides analytical tools to analyze real time behavior of the whales in the market.


Based on these behaviors, BigWave provides a whale index fund aimed to beat traditional market gains.


You can either take advantage of the analysis we provide to purchase tokens at your discretion, or simply invest with our whale index-based product which will allow you to invest alongside Wall Street whales!

We’re Going Big.
Come Along For The Ride!

In a sea full of fish, come ride with whales. The community governance token will be released via a Fair Token Distribution system, which will govern the protocol around all financial parameters and decisions around the protocol.